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River Town Radio Theatre

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Join us as we develop our short series for this coming summer.  The piece we will be working on is called ‘WHAT DAVIDSON HEARD’ which is an updated version of a very old H.G. Well’s piece. Much of the discussion around this piece will entail deciding how many voices we can use (remember, limited spacing at the radio s…tation) and, in a sense, which voices would work best.  Oh, we will also discuss what types of background music and sounds would work best for the piece and then figure out how to meld them into the dialog. We also will be discussing the radio theatre variety show that will include an introductory story line (with an original score), some funny tales/news program, more music and then an original radio piece, just about anything that passes muster.  This program will be taken to a recording studio (too many people are needed to fit into the radio station for a live...

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