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River Town Radio Theater

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After six months of radio silence….River Town Radio Theatre will be performing a live Friday night show July 19 at the historic Prallsville Mill in Stockton! You heard right! Live radio theatre returns to the heart of...

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River Town Radio Theater at Prallsville Mills

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River Town Radio Theatre Brings Zaniness to Prallsville Mills

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Zombies, War of the Worlds Descend Upon Frenchtown

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The annual Frenchtown ZOMBIE CRAWL takes place on Saturday, Oct. 22nd. The Crawl begins at 4:30pm and zombies can scavenger hunt your way through town in search brains…and then shamble back to Sunbeam Park for prizes and a dance with the dead. Zombie make-up experts will be on hand at Sunbeam Park from 1pm to 4pm (cost $5 per person). Zombies can start their day early in Frenchtown and then crawl their way down river to New Hope for the New Hope Crawl starting at 6:30pm. This year zombies won’t be the only creatures stalking Frenchtown. Martians feed on the waves of fear emitted by humans so, what better way for them to enjoy a feast? Simple! They land in Frenchtown once the zombies have scared the bejeebers out of everyone. You too can experience the Martian invasion if you head down to Frenchtown and listen in as The Book Garden’s very own River Town Radio Theatre presents LIVE: ‘War of the Worlds’ at Frenchtown Elementary School. Join in this historical reenactment of the invasion we all remember oh so well. The War of the Worlds radio theater performance will be presented Saturday October 22 at 7:00 p.m. at Frenchtown Elementary School located at 902 Harrison Street. A donation of $5 per person will offset the production costs. Call The Book Garden at 908-996-2022 or email to reserve your seats. For details of these and other events happening during Frenchtown in October, visit, or like us on Facebook “Frenchtown Today” –...

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Radio Theater Summer Teen Workshop

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Always wondered what it would be like to perform on the radio? Looking for something different to do this summer? Join RTRT for a Radio Theater Summer Workshop. When: Tuesday and Thursday 6pm to 8pm July 5, 7, 12, 14, 19 and 21 Where: The Book Garden in Frenchtown On July 21st – a LIVE performance on WDVR!   Who: Teens interested in discovering the world of radio...

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River Town Radio Theatre Update

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The Book Garden’s own radio theatre troupe will be at it again this spring. On March 26 Jethro Kin (host of WDVR’s Freewheelin’ which airs from 7 to 10 p.m. Thursday evenings) will once again be sharing his stage with River Town Radio Theatre.   The troupe will be performing two works of art.  The first piece was created by a member of the radio theatre team and is likely to give you a chuckle, or two. And then sit tight and listen as Dracula is brought back to life. On May 14 The River Town Radio Theatre will perform “Casablanca” live at WDVRs Virginia Napurano Cultural Arts Center.  This production will be aired on Jethro Kin’s show staring at 7 p.m. so get there early. If you are interested in joining River Town Radio Theatre, drop a line. Rehearsals are Tuesday...

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