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Book Garden presents Tim Danahey Show

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The Book Garden presents this week’s Friday Book Hour on “Birth. School. METALLICA. Death. – The Biography” by Ian Winwood and Paul Brannigan Listen to a conversation with author Ian Winwood from London about the world’s most successful band, Metallica.  Tim Danahey admits he doesn’t know a single song and could not recognize a single band member in a police lineup but admits this book is a must read. Metallica’s story is a life lesson.  It when Lars Ulrich has a far-reaching dream and absolutely no talent. He buys a drum kit and gives himself ten days to learn how to play.  He meets James Hetfield through a newspaper ad and they have a decided lack of chemistry or respect toward each other.  Ulrich finds a local heavy metal compilation is being made in Los Angeles and asks the producer to reserve a spot.  The producer says, “You don’t have a band.”  Ulrich responds,  “I will.” However, just through force of will and incredibly hard work, they fulfill their dreams.  This story is actually inspiring although their lifestyles would probably kill an average person in four or five days.  ...

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