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Talk & Book Signing with Dr. Dana

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WHO: Dr. Dana Marrocco, is a local author who lives in Flemington, NJ with her husband and two children. She has a PhD in educational psychology from Purdue University where she specialized in theories of learning and motivation. The teachings in her first book, “THE TOP TEN LIES WE TELL OURSELVES: And How to Stop Living Them” are based on her knowledge of psychology and the spiritual practice A Course in Miracles. Dr. Dana speaks, sings, and performs self-help stand-up comedy at retreats and spiritual centers across the country. She also has a weekly, on-line radio show and a YouTube channel called, “Did You Forget to Laugh?” Find out more at TOPIC: Chronic self-deception is no laughing matter…but maybe it should be. Dr. Dana uses both humor and a solid base of academic and practical knowledge to expose hidden harmful messages that, far too often, we blindly accept as true. Recommending a gentle, lighthearted “roasting” of our self-deceptions, Dr. Dana tackles ten of the typical lies of the ego–the fear-soaked part of our mind. Only after clarifying the problem with precision, can we learn a new way of being that reveals a deeper sense of connection to everyone and...

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