Saying Goodbye….

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Dear friends,

We hope this note finds you and yours doing well and safely navigating this challenging time.

Zoom has been a good way to adapt, however, book clubs, poetry and coffee chats are still better in person.  We miss the conversations, the debates, the laughter, and of course the coffee and other surprises you share with us.  Ollie and Katie especially miss their hugs!

So it is with mixed emotions that we announce that after 8 years The Book Garden will be pausing its operations effective July 31st with plans to reopen as Frenchtown’s “new” favorite Indie Bookshop in early 2021.

This pandemic has reinforced many truths. Truths such as life is unpredictable and sometimes even the best laid plans … well, you know the rest.

As a few of you knew, a transition of the shop was already in the works before COVID-19. We were preparing to hand over the reins and begin new chapters doing whatever exciting things former booksellers choose to do with their time.

That transition was delayed but our other commitments were not, so after much debate and discussion, we decided that rather than half-heartedly keeping the shop open, it was best to just pause.

We do so with the understanding that soon enough Frenchtown will once again be home to a wonderful Indie Bookshop in this very same spot. And it will be run by booksellers who are, like us, dedicated to this community.

We are so grateful to all of you for having joined us on this journey, supporting us in many ways beyond buying books. Thank you to the beautiful little fairies, elves and gnomes who took part in Imaginarium summer camps led by our favorite fairy queen, Grace. Thank you to the teachers who taught poetry and writing workshops and to all the participants who gathered around the kitchen table and bravely shared their often difficult stories. Thank you to the musicians who brought song to our front porch and the poets who brought healing verse into the garden. Thank you to every author who chose to include our little shop as a place to proudly share your finished work and to entertain, enlighten and inspire others through your stories. Thank you to our Frenchtown community for making us feel right at home from the very beginning.

Thank you to every person who made it a point to visit us and share your favorite bookstore memories. And now we have so many of our own – River Town Radio Theatre live on WDVR, the Harry Potter Midnight Party, Frenchtown History book launch, Signature of All Things FBPA Fundraiser, Bastille Day, Riverfest, Zombies, The Haunted Book Garden and more. We are honored to have had you as part of our celebration of stories – yours, ours and the thousands of others that have graced our shelves.

At the risk of being overly sentimental and forgetting the practical side of pausing a business, we invite each of you to stop in for a visit – and to shop – beginning June 15th, when we are allowed to reopen our doors (albeit with social distancing, masks and at limited capacity). During your visit we’d also be most appreciative if you would purchase a book or two or a t-shirt, some socks … all on sale of course, so that we can clear our inventory and leave the space ready for its next chapter.

There is one final truth we would like to leave you with: The Book Garden is the place where our lives were forever changed and enriched thanks to each and every one of you.

Yours in good reading,

Caroline & Robert





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