Haruki Murakami ‘A Wild Sheep Chase.’

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Like sports teams, artists, vacation getaways and books … everyone seems to have a personal favorite. For our friend just across the street from the Book Garden (Megan Metz at Modern Love) her writer of choice is Haruki Murakami.

Murakami is a contemporary Japanese writer whose work has been translated into more than 50 languages. Thankfully for us, English is one of them. His works of fiction and non-fiction have garnered critical acclaim and numerous awards, both in Japan and internationally including the Franz Kafka Prize in 2006 and the Jerusalem Prize in 2009.

Recently Megan picked up a copy of ‘A Wild Sheep Chase’
(Haruki Murakami http://www.randomhouse.com/features/murakami/site.php) here is what she has to say about it:

If ever i need a moment to escape my everyday, I pick up a Murakami novel. Recently, I read ‘A Wild Sheep Chase’ and it was just the dose of escape I needed. Morality and mortality mixed with the best descriptions of place (I devour his attention to detail!), Murakami delivered yet another perfectly complex exploration of the meaning of life versus the meaning of living. I am always so excited to pick up his novels because I know it will be such an imaginative journey!


Modern Love

Let us know what you’re reading this summer and … why. If you like it enough we can pass the word around and who knows, soon you may be starting a movement.

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