Robert’s Author Page

RobertRobert Rando – the author:

Robert was born and raised in Virginia the son of immigrant parents.  He has a bachelor degree from UVA and a Doctorate from Georgetown University.  He has spent a good, long time working in the biopharmaceutical arena and, when not in workaholic mode he explored various states in this country and provinces of Canada.  He uses this exposure to regional idiosyncrasies as a source for the characters populating his works in the fiction realm.

Robert moved his family into Hunterdon County with his wife, two children and large dog, Maple, at the turn of this century.   When writing fiction he uses his grandfather’s name and when describing himself in either his fiction or nonfiction existence he simply states “I’m a scientist, or at least I was.”  While by trade he was a very accomplished scientist, life changes, and challenges with a twist of fate has allowed him to follow his true passion: Revel creatively in the complexities of the human condition, i.e. write books.   Of course the artistic interpretation of life only points out the problems he observes while the other side of his brain is always searching for answers.  FYI; In addition to profuse shedding Maple also manages a cameo in each of his books