History of Frenchtown

Frenchtown – Discover Our Secret

We can’t tell you how often someone stumbles into The Book Garden with that look – the smile and open-eyed wonder of a person who just discovered our wonderful little community.

Frenchtown derived its official name in the late 1700s from its owner, a French-speaking Swiss immigrant. The Lenni Lenape were original residents of the area, which is rumored to have once been known as Sunbeam. No one is clear where Sunbeam came from but anyone who has experienced the light at dusk or dawn might take a guess.

Our lovely river town is now home to an eclectic mix of residents – and a few still speak French. A stroll down Bridge Street gives you a glimpse of the vibrant mix of tastes and talents – most of our businesses are proudly owned and cared for by locals.

Whether your passion is cycling or watching cyclists go by as you sit sipping a glass of wine and enjoying a fine meal, Frenchtown has a remarkable number of attractions considering its size –just over a square mile with a population around 1,300.

We are proud to be the authors of the newest Frenchtown History Book, published in June of 2015. You can purchase a copy on our site or when you come by the shop – we are happy to autograph it for you!

We hope you will come visit us and discover some of the reasons we are proud to call Frenchtown home.