Children’s Section

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The Book Garden’s Kids and Kids-at-Heart Section is filled with unforgettable classics and new favorite reads for youngsters of all ages. Our collection of children’s literature is complemented by a full selection of games and toys – some educational and fun, some just fun!

We also welcome young book lovers – and soon-to-be-readers – to join us on a journey of discovery in our children’s bookclub: World Explorers.

World Explores brings together kids ages 6ish to 11ish once a month in the Read-In Kitchen where they take off on trips to foreign lands, dive into the depths of the ocean and outer space and travel through time and across cultures.

World Explores usually meet the second Friday of every month from September through May at 4:00 in the afternoon. Call us to confirm the date.

We welcome children’s authors to come spend an afternoon with our World Explorers. We also feature storytimes with guest authors on weekends throughout the year. Contact us if you have a story you would like to share!