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Listening to poetry on the porch during our Frenchtown Celebration

Listening to poetry on the porch during our Frenchtown Celebration

RobCarolineRobert Rando of Annandale and Caroline Scutt of Frenchtown became caretakers of the Garden in August of 2012. Robert and Caroline both have a passion for their community and met while serving on the board of trustees for Hunterdon County United Way. The two share many other interests including their love for literature.  One-thing-led-to-another which led to The Book Garden and a business partnership.

Community remains at the core of everything we do at The Book Garden – book clubs, author visits, writing workshops, fundraisers – whatever we do, we want to make sure you, our neighbors, our community are a part of our ongoing Celebration of Stories!

We hope you will join us!

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Meet the Caretakers

Robert Rando, the bookseller

Literally finding Frenchtown wasn’t easy for me.  I’ve dragged my family through many different States in the good ol’ U. S. of A. and a Province in Canada as well.  But now that I’m here I want to stay.  Getting here figuratively also included a long winding road which started with a quest for truth in a scientific milieu and over time has segued into philosophical definitions of the same end points.  Fiction writing came along for the ride.  Now The Book Garden has entered my life and I truly believe it offers me, individually, a chance to give back by sharing my love of reading and writing with the whole community.

One of the best things to happen to me, and my family, as I picked up and moved from job to job was the incredible exposure to … well, to people.  Everywhere we lived we have become close friends with many unique and interesting individuals.   One of the best things to happen to us as we planted roots in our New Jersey community was the depth our friendships here have formed.   And with The Book Garden, Caroline and I and our spouses, as a team, can do our part to build the community, one book at a time.

~ Robert


Caroline Scutt, the bookseller

My friends and I often joke that all roads lead to Frenchtown. For me that statement is true on many levels. Several years ago I decided to change my life course and found myself in Frenchtown where I quickly fell in love with this offbeat, eclectic community.  This is where I wanted to raise my little girl, and where, ironically, my yet-to-be husband’s family also had roots.

My daughter, Julia, and I would spend hours poking around the shops in town and we became frequent visitors to the Book Garden. Reading is approached like a sporting event in my family and as a professional writer and aspiring author, I must admit I often dreamt of what it might be like to be the proprietor of this charming little bookstore. I confided as much to Esther and here I find myself on yet another road leading into Frenchtown and through the doors of 28 Bridge Street.

I look forward to working with Robert, and with our spouses, Rachel and Jeff, to ensure the Book Garden continues to be an integral part of our wonderful community for years to come

~ Caroline